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Hickerson Jr.

I’m Not A Therapist, I’m Just A Guy by Willis M Hickerson Jr. is a self-help guide to love and relationship that gives women an insight into the thought process of men. It offers a regular guy’s perspective on everything from men’s moods to their libidos. While many books scratch the surface, I’m Not A Therapist, I’m Just A Guy takes a frank look at men and what women can do to improve their relationship with their mates. This book is designed to help couples in love stay that way!

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Minister Phyllis


Get ready for a paramount relationship. Do you often wonder when and if you will ever enjoy life with a good mate? Well, take a journey to the answer to your question. This is a must read.


 Phyllis W. Boudreaux is a poet, access producer and the founder of "Touching Lives Ministries." 


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Dungee Proctor

Cover_Photo_Joyce Proctor_TAKE THE LIMITS OFF.jpg

This is a quick read that will inspire, motivate and enlighten you! Practical and engaging with truth on every page, Joyce Dungee Proctor has given us a simple, elegant way to "Stop Talking and Start Doing!" 


Utilizing her decades of experience as a leader in career and job coaching, business management and training, and as an executive coach and inspirational speaker, the author shares with us her process to empowerment. Incorporating ALL she has learned with the personal stories she has accumulated along the way, we are provided with a profound and common sense approach to business and life. Click below to purchase a copy of this book. 


Seminars by Joyce Products


ISBN:13: 9780982559406

Gayle M.


God's ultimate intention was for us "to have life and that more abundantly". . .to the fullest! Like Esther, Gayle M. Gilmore believes she has been called for such a time as this to share the balanced message of blessing!

Only by the Grace of God: The Story of Sharon Dixon 

I believe if a person survives a horrendous ordeal and lives to tell about it, that person needs to be heard so someone can learn from it. Domestic violence is a silent killer, maimer and disabler. According to statistics, a woman is battered in the U.S. every 9 seconds. My friend, Sharon Dixon, was shot through the breast at age 22 by a jealous boyfriend and it left her paralyzed for over 30 years. The twist was that she married her abuser. But by the grace of God, you will stand in awe of the victories that Sharon realized. Sharon and I have conducted numerous booksignings, workshops, seminars, speaking engagements and appeared on local TV and radio programs. We help both potential and actual victims and families through the warnings and hope in the book. We also donate a portion of book sales to H.E.R. (Help and Emergency Response) Shelter. 

How Would Jesus Invest? Breaking The Poor Man's Mentality

Gayle discusses how Christians should follow Jesus's example of living an abundant life, both spiritually and financially. Gayle maintains that the Word of God and salvation are the top priorities of Christian living. She also contends that we need a healthy diet of biblical teaching to truly live as God intended. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." Hosea 4:6


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Derek Triplett


In this book, Derek Triplett has taken on the lives and challenges of men, perfectly analyzing the difficulties of balancing a professional, personal and spiritual life in this fast-paced world.  Through his times, humorous and homey story-telling coupled with his expert and professional analysis of situations and relationships, he is able to offer real life solutions for everything from financial issues to how to "dress the part" for success.  This book, in essence, is a "how to"for the man (or woman) who wants to get organized and on track spiritually, emotionally and professionally for improved and continued success in life.

Walk With Me is a book of 365 quotes and affirmations designed to challenge, build, and encourage the reader. If you are looking for a thought book that will stimulate your creativity, while pushing you to your destiny, then come Walk With Me on this journey. This is your 2017 daily personal development tool.

Maybe you said I do or you are about to. But do you really know what you're actually saying when you repeat those lines? The Latest release from Derek Triplett, "What You Say When You Say I Do" will address just that. Providing tips for people at all stages of relationships, ranging from single, to casual dating, to engaged. Triplett uses his background in relationship counseling to guide anyone who's feeling confused about how to date and what it means to be in a true, healthy relationship. Using humor, real life experience, and professional analysis, Triplett will take what you think you know about dating, relationships, and marriage, and turn it upside down.

We Time as a tool to help couples routinely engage in meaningful conversation and to pray together in order to strengthen their union. We Time offers 52 weeks of wisdom, targeted prayers, and brief exercises that will surely make your relationship stronger. If you and your partner take this weekly journey together, your relationship will be "better than ever."

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Life is easy when we're coasting along without a cloud in sight. Often, though, a storm will come out of nowhere and drown us in rain. It is at these times, in the midst of our worst storms, when we find ourselves evaluating the path we've been following. It's at these times of uncertainty, when we find ourselves looking at our lives and wondering if we're heading in the right direction.


Author Christy Demetrakis refers to these times as "junctures" – crisis situations or points in time when a critical decision must be made. One path may look attractive (or easy), but that path may not lead you where you ultimately want to go. One path may look difficult, but it is often through adversity that true purpose is unveiled.


Faith to Conquer Fear: Inspiration to Achieve your Dreams offers a compilation of quotes, anecdotes, and religious references that will give you inspiration to tread the path laid out for you.


Drawing on words of wisdom from people such as Oprah Winfrey, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Colin Powell, and Thomas Edison, Faith to Conquer Fear will meet you exactly where you are. Despite your fears, you have the power to achieve your dreams in both your professional and personal life. No matter how small or lofty your goals may be, these words of encouragement will give you the motivation you need to move forward with confidence.

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Dawson, Jr.


Melvin C. Dawson, Jr. is God’s disciple born on March 27, 1963 to the late Elder Melvin C. Dawson, Sr. and Evangelist Annie Dawson. 


As a native of DeLand, Florida, he graduated from DeLand High School in 1981. He attended Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a minor in English in 1985. He currently serves on the Board of Associate Trustees at Bethune-Cookman. 


Pastor Dawson accepted his call to the Ministry in 1985. He serves as the Founder and Overseer of the Cathedral of Praise Church in Miami, Florida, State Overseer of Florida of the Kingdom Connection Fellowship International, and since February 2016, Overseer Dawson serves as the Director of Praise (Music, Dance, Drama, and Worship) at First Baptist Church Piney Grove (Ft. Lauderdale). He is also the Founder of WILMA (Women Interested in Learning from a Man’s Assessment) which is a monthly training symposium for female ministers. Overseer Dawson is also known in the world of music as an outstanding musician, writer, director, producer, singer, and arranger. He serves as President/CEO of K-M’Aryelle Records, LLC. He began his gospel recording career with The Genesis Ensemble, which brought him renowned fame with 4 recordings on the Tyscot record label. His baritone voice, or other music that he has written or produced, can be found on at least 20 other recordings by various artist (both national, local, and international). 


He is married to Pastor A. Kay Williams-Dawson and is the father of daughter Aryelle and sons Melvin III and Ahkeem.

After dreaming of what success would look like on you, have you ever found yourself in a strange place of obscure isolation? In a place that’s far different from even your level of perceived expectations while at the same time you’re witnessing others around you experiencing seasons of success? Then perhaps, you're the "Man (Woman) In The Hole" and what you “must learn” is how to appreciate this season. Take a journey with Pastor Melvin C. Dawson, Jr. as he unveils a new perspective associated with God's purpose for placing you in a season of obscure isolation. Take a reflective look at the biblical story of the Prophet Elisha's dead bones bringing a man back to life (II Kings 13:20-21). Once you learn to appreciate this season, you will become overjoyed as you give [spiritual] life to others, as they help fulfill your legacy.

It's no secret, at least not among men seeking some resolve among a brotherhood of likely who hide are usually hurting, and men who hurt often hide. Hut herein lies the great irony of man.....we hide out in the open! Yes, in some strange way, and for some even stranger reason, men consume their time in a "maze of visibility", hoping to camouflage themselves against the canvas appearance of normalcy, which in itself, is married within the confines of certain limits (and limitations) that define the range of normal functioning and an expectedness consequence of being usual, regular, or common. 

Traci D.
O'Neal, J.D.


Lawyer. Mother. Elected Official. Target. Traci O’Neal was thrust into the national spotlight in 2017 when local threats grew into a national racist outcry after a former GOP Presidential candidate singled her out on social media. What followed was a deeply disturbing and widespread campaign of hatred and egregiously racist attacks. The death threats, harassment, and vitriol reinforced what Traci had always understood – there’s no room in white America for an Exceptional Negro.


An award-winning fierce, unwavering social justice advocate, Traci D. O'Neal is a frequent speaker on race, law and politics, as well as equity and leadership. Traci earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the School of Business & Industry at Florida A&M University and a Juris Doctor degree from The Ohio State University College of Law. Visit for more information.


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After the Pain

Life has a way of teaching many valuable lessons. Often times those lessons are rejected when we are challenged with feelings of pain, hurt, disappointment, and other undesirable emotions. As we journey through life there are certain tools essential for successful progression through adversity. Our purpose is equipping and empowering the reader with those tools. 


In a society where we are often hurried along from our pain without proper acknowledgement, understanding, healing, or recovery; we must learn how to prevent trying to submerge or suffocate our pains away. Instead, we will assess each pain and ensure old scars, secret wounds, or shameful experiences have not developed into poor behavioral, emotional, or mental habits. It’s time to face the pain you may not be ready to share with others, and has potentially been destroying the fabric of who you are. When true pain is not addressed it will reappear later, and likely infect and effect multiple areas of your life. Take time to effectively heal, break the cycle of hurting others, and most importantly hurting yourself.


Take this self-reflecting voyage as emotional surgery is performed and a nursing view is used to coach you through recovery. No experience will go wasted again; no lesson ignored or repeated obliviously after you gather each tool from this book. You will utilize the personal power within!


Dive into this innovative, yet practical, approach to catapulting your life's productivity into maximum gear. Discover subconscious barriers which prevent us from living in our maximum potential. Often, we live our lives making decisions based on subconscious perceptions. These innate perceptions, if not properly aligned with achieving your goals, will consistently deny you full success. Therefore, you must become conscious of your thoughts, beliefs, and fears. Only after doing this, can you begin attracting the life you've only dreamed of. J.U.M.P. will not only inspire you through testimonials, but empower you through step-by-step principles on how to J.U.M.P.

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