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Be a cheerful giver! Choose to give in some form-whether giving money, volunteering, or giving away clothes or shoes to the needy. However you choose to give, please know it will bless someone. What you give away grows into wealth in every way. No matter who you are trust you will reap what you sow.


This book is full of inspiring testimonies of people who believe God blessed them because of how they gave. When you discover the gift of giving, you will experience a life full of blessings. 


To get your copy go to: or


Also available at A Better Life Bookstore at Hope Fellowship Church, 869 Derbyshire Rd., Daytona Beach, FL.


B. Michelle


Rev. B. Michelle Horton is a mom, grand mom. mentor, inspirational and motivational speaker, blogger, playwrite, spoken word artist, free-lance writer contributing to magazines and several anthologies and author of several books including her latest, Poems, Prose and Proclamations. She is the Pastor and Founder of A Sacred Space Ministry, a para-church that is both virtual and one that travels to nursing homes, senior citizens facilities and places where residents are unable to come to the local church building. The ministry is live streamed Friday evenings at 6:30 pm EST on Facebook. For more information, please feel free to contact her on any social media sites at B. Michelle Horton and/or A Sacred Space Ministry as well as email or phone 215 703 8241.

Poems, Prose and Proclamation is filled with inspiring words of empowerment and exhortation. Within the pages are prayers and proclamations that help us to pause from our busy days and settle us in the sacred moment of remembering God's promises and plans for the abundant life that is ours with him. There are real and raw emotions expressed but always to lead the reader to have faith in God and in the power that resides in each of us. The book is available in both E form and paperback. 

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Have you ever felt like you have been discarded, neglected or even thrown away? Well if so, there is hope. Those with wounded hearts can be healed and delivered. This book is an honest look at the devastating effects of betrayal and divorce. But the story doesn't stop there. Come and go along on the journey from despair to deliverance and see how God truly has the power to take us through the pain to purpose and from burden to blessing. What is on the other side of threw? This is a book that will help you know that answer.

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Janis F. 


Presidential diarist and author Janis F. Kearney transforms civil rights legend Daisy Gatson Bates’ life from black and white, to living color.  The author, who interviewed Bates many times; recreates her conversations and interviews to “fill in” places left un-filled, and colors incidents and experiences, to bring Daisy Bates to life. Kearney plums the mysterious murder of Bates’ mother, and the orphan’s childhood; the young woman’s prophetic decision to share a traveling salesman’s life; her non-traditional role as co-publisher of an award winning newspaper; and her leadership role at a time, and place where women rarely led.  To purchase click here

Cotton Field of Dreams is Janis F. Kearney's poignant memoir of the journey that led her from the cotton fields of Lincoln County, Arkansas, to the West Wing of the White House, where she served as diarist to former President William Jefferson Clinton. "Our hearts are warmed by stories [such] as this one: under-educated African-American sharecroppers pushing their children to achieve academically, then seeing them reach amazing pinnacles of success. From their parents, the Kearney children absorbed a powerful conviction: They were neither better nor less than any other human beings. This conviction gave them the self confidence to move far beyond their difficult beginnings"--William Jefferson Clinton. "Well-written, COTTON FIELD OF DREAMS is a welcome addition to libraries, seamlessly weaving lyrical prose and poignant human drama to entice the reluctant and satisfy the mature to read"--Roland Barksdale-Hall. 

By presidential diarist, newspaper publisher and author Janis F. Kearney. This new biographical memoir chronicles the life and memories of 107-year old TJ Kearney, who died just months before the release of the book, and include poignant essays by 15 of his 19 children. The author writes from the perspective of a daughter and memoirist of TJ Kearney’s purpose-filled life; his impoverished childhood, and his early years as a drifter and vagabond traveling the country by train and foot. She takes us through T.J.'s evolution into his decades long roles as community leader and irreplaceable patriarch of his large sharecropping family - a testament to the power of dreams, prayer and family love.


Get your copy of this must read memoir at Sundays with TJ: or at


Sherry O.

You can Arise from a mentality of defeat to Victory and that you are not that pain, that hurt, that rejection, that negative word curse spoken over your lives, not only said by others but by yourselves as well. We all have come through some struggles in life in which we just didn't know how to handle them, or responded negatively, and some of us were left in a state of defeat and despair mentally. You must know that no matter how it feels that you are not defeated, forsaken, or alone, that you are somebody and have a purpose, and it starts with receiving Jesus Christ! You can be REAL to be HEALED from every wound of the past and present while looking forward to a brighter and better future naturally and spiritually. It's the devil who is “Already” defeated!


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Photo_ JL Moore.jpg

Standing True to Our God?

The Black Church in America is perhaps the most victorious institution in the African American community. Yet, when it is compared with sacred scripture, we find that the Black Church is falling short in very significant areas. This book not only highlights where some members of the Black Church have strayed from the truths of scripture, but also offers a message of hope for those who are willing to embrace the need for a biblical reformation. 

What should the Black Church look like in the twenty-first century according to biblical teaching? This book explores various topics while providing stimulating answers to that crucial question.


J. L. Moore teaches comparative religion at the college level, and holds master's degrees in theological studies, religious education, and philosophy. He is also the author of Challenging Reflections on the Christian Life: Rethinking the Common Experience. For more information, visit


His book can be purchased through the following:

Do you really take evangelism seriously? Do you think about the Great Commission daily? Do you realize that our answers to those questions should be YES?

Gospel Urgency


E-book click here

Paperback:  click here


Does the Great Commission include outreach to Jehovah's Witnesses? Absolutely! The question is: “How should we approach such a daunting task?” In Conversations Worth Having, J. L. Moore discusses how Christians can lovingly engage Jehovah’s Witnesses based on a time-tested method of biblical evangelism. While providing a biblical analysis of the history, beliefs, and practices of the Watchtower Society, he also includes examples from his own conversations with the same Witness for over a year. After reading this book, you will be better prepared to share true biblical teaching with the Witnesses in your life through participating in conversations worth having.

Toni L.
Coleman Carter


After losing her father at seven, Toni L. Coleman Carter's life - became a "living hell." For more than two decades, she hid the scars of physical and sexual abuse, the shame of an attempted suicide, the challenges of being a teen mother, and the granite obstacles of climbing the corporate ladder. Her ability to overcome those setbacks formed the basis for When Trouble Finds You (RTC Publishing). A work dedicated to increasing awareness around issues impacting children, while inspiring the human spirit


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Elder Melvin

Photo_Elder Latimer.jpg

There are over three thousand promises recorded in the word of God and many believers will live an entire lifetime and neither see them or claim them. A Promise A Day is a book from the author's own vivid experiences of discovering new realities by standing on those very promises. Culled directly from the scriptures, this offering serves up daily treasures of instruction and encouragement for both individuals and the Body of Christ at large.


Melvin Latimer understands what it means to stand on the promises of God. As a very young child, he dealt with chronic nose bleeds, chronic earaches, stomach ulcers and asthma. When all else failed, he turned to his faith for healing. Through A Promise A Day, he seeks to encourage and challenge everyone to stand on God's sure declarations.


Book available at: &

Melvin L. Latimer is an associate minister at The Second Baptist Church SW in District Heights, Maryland. He also serves as President/Founder of Men On A Mission Worldwide Ministry, Inc., a 501 (c) non-profit organization that empowers men to become spheres of Godly influence in their homes, churches, communities and the world at large. 





Cynthia Hill


Gather Up The Fragments

Book Summary

Paperback ISBN: 9781619042469

Hardcover ISBN: 9781619042476 


Dare to take the healing journey with the author to gather up the precious fragments of the heart and piece by piece, let God begin to show you how valuable you are to Him.


Before long you’ll be glad you are alive and privileged to be a part of His marvelous plan—begin to understand your role in fulfilling his will for you in the lives of others who walk this green earth!


Gather up the Fragments intertwines the biblical truths of a familiar gospel miracle and the life experiences of the author in discovering how faith in Jesus Christ provides a way to victoriously face and overcome the deep pains and anguish of the Past.


View her trailer by clicking on the following link:


Book can be purchased from,  Barnes & Noble or website:


Patrina Wright


Over ten years ago, the Lord called Rev. Wright into ministry and since that time she has learned that there is purpose in every storm, trial and test because they are part of God’s process.  She is an anointed woman of God being used to help build the Kingdom of God.  A native of New Jersey, currently residing in North Carolina she is an author, preacher, conference speaker, abuse prevention trainer and spiritual recovery coach. Her heart aches for the Body of Christ to be free and live in the power of that freedom. Anything less is not the abundant life we have been promised. From her personal experiences with childhood sexual abuse, rape, betrayal, domestic violence and divorce, she knows that her Redeemer lives. She preaches and teaches about the healing power of Jesus Christ because she has a desire to see people healed, delivered and set free. Her anointing flows out of her past hurts and present healing. Through her ministry, Beyond the Abuse Ministries she prophetically speaks life to dry bones, healing to broken hearts and restoration to wounded spirits. Her books are also a testimony that Jesus hears our silent tears, and sees our secret scars. Her book, Still Scarred, Totally Healed: Opening Your Heart and Mind to God’s Healing of Past Hurts was written to help men and women overcome the scars of childhood sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Her most recent book, The Exodus Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives: Repositioning Your Soul to Thrive After Domestic Violence speaks to the issue of domestic violence in the Church. Through this book she is replacing myths with truths, breaking the chains of bondage and proclaiming liberty to those who have suffered in silence for years. The Exodus also challenges the Church not to sweep this issue under the rug any longer, but rise up and effectively minister hope, life and restoration to the lives of God’s people. 


To contact Rev. Patrina Wright, please email her at, or you can contact her at (910) 234-3092.

Cover_Exodus Cycles.jpg

Aleechea Pitts

Aleechea Pitts.jpeg

Rev. Aleechea Pitts, fondly known as “Pastor Pitts,” is the founder of Paulean Ministries. She is the Associate Pastor of Dynamic Change Ministries; a 5-time author, Christian speaker, mentor and active listening practitioner (chaplain), etc.


Rev. Pitts currently serves The Millville Police Department as the first Afro-American female Police Chaplain. She is also the Lead Chaplain of Millville Memorial High School & most recently Staff Chaplain (Volunteer) of NJ Department of Corrections. In her words, “I live a life of servitude & leading by example is my most effective means of leading others.”


Pastor Pitts resides in Millville, where she is a devoted parent to her beautiful daughter, along with her fur baby.


(609) 334-3942

Autobiographical account of one woman's journey of her life story tied to the physical world and self reflections. In this memoir, Pitts shares moments of truth and insight we can learn from. She does not shy away from mentioning her flaws (pitfalls).

At a time when violence is inflicted on Black communities and racism are being highlighted in the media and people are left wondering “why”, Let It Go for Your Sake! Forgive! helps you to acknowledge your feelings of unforgiveness and enable you to forgive regardless of the type of offense.

Homosexuality Is In!  Heterosexuals Relax!

Bridging the gap between the Church, the body of Christ and persons that identify as homosexual is not easy. This book is helpful to Christians, heterosexuals and homosexuals. The author hopes that every Christian and heterosexual will focus on building up relationships and dialogue, not so much theology, to create the kind of communities that make homosexuals feel wanted. This book is intended to educate the Church and heterosexuals on loving the homosexual. It is meant to be read and reread until hearts and minds are changed. The book is designed to help people step out of homosexuality who are seeking change in their lives and those who work to help them. Readers with inquiring and open minds will not be disappointed

Pastor Pitt's books available at 


Nigel S.


Nigel Daring was born and raised in Jamaica but moved to the United States in 1986.  He has had a particular fondness for writing for over twenty years.  He started out writing poetry, which evolved to essays, which finally evolved to a full length book.  He views writing as a self-exploration.  It is the greatest opportunity to express one's most profound feelings in a constructive way. The first book, Existence: God, Man, Society, and Nature, he wrote does this.  Though it is him coming through the words, the words reveal more than him.  They have a message and an opening to greater change.  They reveal God's presence, his graciousness, the way man can benefit from them, and how man can improve his relationship with God. This book is his displaying his God-given talent.  He encourages others to display theirs.  


Mr. Daring relocated to Palm Coast, Florida in the summer of 2012 from New York City.  He finds Palm Coast a most emotionally seductive environment for writing.  Its serenity appeals to him and evokes his writing gifts.  Mr. Daring expects with the grace of God to continue putting out quality works.   


His book is listed at

God Man and Nature.jpg

Dr. David
B. Mills

David B Mills.jpg

Dr. David B. Mills is the founder and Senior Pastor of Through The Word Bible Fellowship, located in New Castle, Delaware. He is married to his childhood sweetheart, Bernadette, who partners with him in ministry and they have five wonderful children.


A prolific Author, Pastor Mills produced the listed books below:

Pillow Talk Is The New Book Release From Dr. David Mills.  When It Comes To The Area Of Physical Intimacy Many Christians Have Made The Transition From The Kingdom Of Darkness To The Kingdom Of Light...But Many Have Not Transitioned Physically In Their Intimacy. Dr. Mills describes Pillow Talk as communication, instruction and wisdom. He says, "Our Own Ignorance Is Only Limited To What We Are Not Willing To Learn!"

War on Debt ~ Though the economy may be struggling, you can still live the abundant life.  In this book by Dr. David Mills you will learn strategies to turn creativity into prosperity.  Don't be a victim of the economy, be victorious in it!

What does it take to build a supportive, nurturing, genuinely happy family? How do we structure our home so that family members receive what they need in order to become the well-adjusted, productive and godly people the Lord called us to be? 


Dr. David Mills has drawn from more than a decade’s experience as a Pastor, his own family relationships and strong revelation from the scriptures to compile a guide to building successful, supportive family relationships.

Cover_THE FAMILY.jpg



In December 2012, Kadesha hoisted herself on a Zip Line for the first time! It wasn't until after she returned home that she realized that her life experiences could be likened to a zip-lining experience. From moving across the country without any family or friends, to leaving her secure full time job to start a business and living in 3 states in 12 months—Kadesha has always just taken God at his word and ran with it! It was that simple, yet effective experience that personified how a little faith and trust will not only help you get to the end of a zip line, but will also carry you to the next level/phase God has for your life.


With this Devotional Journal, you will be encouraged, empowered and challenged to move out of your comfort zone to walk in the journey God has created just for you! Not only is He waiting on you, but so is the world, because there is someone out there specifically in need of the gifts God has given YOU! It is Kadesha’s intention for this Devotional Journal to help you to re-evaluate the way you see yourself and transform your thinking habits. At the completion of this journal, her sincere hope and prayer is that you find your way to the nearest “Zip Line” in your life, faithfully take the next step, and Live on Purpose! Remembering her literal and figurative “Zip Line” experiences helped Kadesha birth this devotional journal. So, ask yourself --What is in you that needs to be birthed? Hopefully, you will discover that answer at the end of reading this devotional journal


Live on Purpose Ministries


Tel: 1.844.GET.FAITH (844.438.3248)

You may purchase this book at the following: &


Charlie Holley


Life carries all kinds of hurts and pain. And in the midst of living we find ourselves struggling to forgive those who have left a lifetime of wounds. But there is a way out of the hurt and pain, and it's found via forgiveness. Read the story of a man whose little girl was molested and murdered, a woman whose father abused and tortured her, a woman whose ex-husband made her life a living hell, and a man whose father was never there for him. See how they all found a way out of the heartache through forgiveness. Allow me to walk you through it!

The God of My Midnights

A walk through the book of Job combined with the personal experiences of the author makes this book perfect for those struggling with their tragedy. Written to help the reader understand God’s actions and motives for allowing heartaches. Contains sound advice on how to minister to others. Perfect for personal study or church grief group study. Highly recommended for those who have recently had love ones to pass or who are struggling with health issues.

Daily Inspirations from the Scriptures

Daily inspirations and motivations drawn from the Word of God. Thoughtful and timeless revelations that cast light on the various issues of life. Submerge yourself within these pages and come away encouraged and strengthened.

Saving America from Political Suicide

Will stubborn and uncompromising political factions tear the Country apart? 


Saving America not only identifies the roots of political gridlock and partisan bickering, it presents real solutions for the real problems that plague the nation.  


No matter which side of the political fence you’re standing, Saving America will challenge the way you see politics, parties, and people. Saving America is a highly recommended read for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans

To get your copies of Minister Holley's books &/or to learn more about his ministry go to:



phone:  (256) 417-7242


Willie B.J.


Willie Williams is a well-qualified spiritual and motivational teacher. He has a passion to see the lives of people connected to him in any capacity bettered and empowered. With that desire, it has led him to a life of servant hood for this very time and generation, for both man and woman. 

Have you ever been in a place where encouragement was gone, power was limited and hope was bleak? If you have, I stand with you and encourage you follow me on this 31 day journey to lifetime success.  

Congratulations! You picked up the right book at the right time. This project was designed to take you from GOOD to GREAT! Get ready to release your potentials and achieve the life you have always desired. This book is about to CHALLENGE, DEVELOP, AND MOTIVATE YOU!

Book available at:

Cover_STAND OUT.png

Sharon L.


Sharon is the secret daughter of dancer Lucille “Sweets” Preston and famed trumpeter Louis Armstrong, the innovator of one of America’s most innovative musical art forms—jazz. And for more than a half century, she was kept a secret. By her father, an international icon who did not, perhaps, want the world to know he’d fathered a child out of wedlock. By her mother, who insists, to this day, that her and Louis’s business was no one else’s concern. By Louis’s wife, who legally erased Sharon from existence when she claimed her husband never had children. She was kept secret, even, by herself.


To the world, Louis Armstrong is iconic—a symbol of musical genius, unparalleled success and unassailable character. To Sharon Preston Folta, he was, simply, Dad. Despite the enduring celebration and study of Armstrong’s life and career, no one, save for close family and friends, knows Sharon exists. Even in the trumpeter’s death she remains Armstrong’s secret—the product of a two-decade-long affair between the long-married musician, and the vaudeville dancer Lucille Preston. And for more than half a century, she has lived her life hiding in the shadows of her father’s fame.


Until now.


Now, Sharon shares her story—extraordinary because of who her father was, but universal in its reach toward generations who have grown up in fatherless households, searching for a keen understanding of their own blood, their own DNA, their own Legacy. Little Satchmo is an extraordinary tale of identity, loss, and one daughter’s ultimate search for truth—and her father’s love.

Book available at

For more information or to contact Sharon go to:


Dr. Tony


Dr. Tony Hart was born in 1954 to Dr. B. Sam and Joyce Hart. He has worked with four church plants and seen God establish them as testimonies in their communities to His glory. Tony has preached in area wide crusades, lead several international mission trips training Pastors in developing countries. He has experience as a youth pastor, radio station manager, program producer, since 1992 he has served as Senior Pastor of Montco Bible Fellowship. Tony also writes a monthly column for the local newspaper and is the author of the book "Winning Is Everything" and 2 Tablets for Your Marriage. In 1998, he took over from his father as President of the GOGF Ministries.  


He has taken his education seriously and earned his undergraduate degree from Philadelphia Biblical University. He has completed a Masters of Divinity and a Doctorate of Ministry from Biblical Theological Seminary.  


Tony married Carol in 1977, and she has become his partner in ministry. They have four children who have all made a profession of faith and are finding their place in ministry and five grandchildren.  

In Two Tablets For Your Marriage, Dr. Hart uses the 10 Commandments to teach the vital principles of the marriage covenant.

In Winning Is Everything, Dr. Hart addresses the issue of the victorious Christian life.  using the Book of Numbers as the foundation, he reveals how spiritual victories received by the saints of old can be ours today.


To get your copies of these books and other resource materials from Dr. Hart go to:



Sonia R.jpg

Sioni was born in Mumbai, India, in 1970, and moved with her family to Costa Rica when she was five years old. Raised in poverty under unthinkable conditions, she might have been lost to a life of pain and abuse. This was almost guaranteed when, as a young girl, she was sold into bondage—a young victim of human trafficking. Instead, she escaped and created a new life for herself. It wasn’t easy. She worked hard and overcame the troubles that threatened to crush her. She learned how to cope with her mother’s failures. She eventually became a citizen of the United States, married, and built a loving and close family of her own. She has dedicated her life now to sharing her faith with others who have been abused as she was. Sioni speaks at churches and conferences to raise awareness of human trafficking, both around the world and in the United States.


Email her at -


Book available at -



Angelica Leigh.jpg

Angelica Leigh is an example of how God can take someone that was once broken into pieces and place them perfectly together to fit His will. Hidden behind her smile was a young girl who battled with low self-esteem and depression for many years. Finding herself jobless and pregnant at 19, was devastating; but she vowed with God’s help, to do everything she could to turn her life around. Through her journey she found that each experience was a stepping stone to discovering her purpose. Overcoming those obstacles fueled her passion to help young women find their way.

Black Girls Don't Cry uncovers "issues" with which many women struggle, but are too afraid to share. It provides scriptural solutions to life altering problems such as low self-esteem, abuse, and depression. Black Girls Don’t Cry frees us from the bondage of regrets, encourages us to drop the baggage from our past, and moves us forward towards a renewed strength in Christ.


Also available on 


Questions/Comments?  Write to:


Visit:   Angelica's Blog




Brenda Sawyer is a native New Yorker who currently resides in

Philadelphia, PA.

She taught elementary school for twenty-six years until she retired in June 2010. Today, Brenda is the Best-Selling Author of Encouraging Words For The Mind, Spirit And Soul, a collection of devotions taken from GIRLS WALKING WITH INTEGRITY EMPOWERING FOR DESTINY (GWWI)®️ where she mentors and equips Christian Women between the ages of forty-five and sixty-five, with strategies to move from pain to purpose by encouraging, empowering and transforming their lives through Biblical principles and teaching, while leaving an indelible legacy for posterity and confidence.

Brenda’s book has also been written in Spanish as well as in French


When Brenda is not out and about mentoring, she speaks messages of inspiration on interviews and podcasts.


 As a writing coach, Brenda coaches other aspiring authors with strategies for writing their own submissions for anthologies.

Brenda Sawyer can be found on Clubhouse every Tuesday at 11am EST, where she hosts TESTIMONY TUESDAY, a safe place to share your Testimony of God’s Miracles, Signs and Wonders in your life.

Every Thursday at 4pm EST, Brenda enjoys being one of the co-hosts for The Joys of Living Great, Win Win Women TV Broadcast, where she gets to share her joy with women all around the world.

Brenda Sawyer believes that retirement is not the end, but only the

beginning of something new and exciting. She encourages you to follow your dreams with a passion and keep moving forward into the destiny God has called you to.

One of Brenda’s favorite Scriptures is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


Contact Information:



Nisi Newsome.jpg

Arise! is a powerful anthology of essays written by people from various walks of life. From surviving turbulent childhood home lives and cancer to escaping domestic abuse and drug use - one author even holds fast to his dignity, sanity, and God while writing his chapter from prison - together these authors of strong faith have endured it all - and then some. Their stories of redemption, grace, and mercy are at times miraculous, often insightful, and always moving, endearing, and relatable. Perhaps most importantly, the stories that Denise Newsome compiled for this book could be the catalyst for the natural and spiritual healing of millions of people.


As Newsome herself declares: "[Her] journey is meant to make a difference. [Her] hope and prayer is that with every page that you turn, with every moment of pain and triumph that is written within this book, you will be reminded that you are who God says you are. [...] We can stop generational cycles from repeating themselves; we can begin collective healing, but the only way the world can change is if we open up our mouths and tell our stories."


To purchase go to or contact the author directly at


Dr. Donald E.


Dr. Cecilia B.


Even though the mandate of the church in Matthew 28 in the Great Commission is to make disciples... many do not quite know HOW to make disciples... and especially ones that are dynamic. That's the purpose of this book... to give you the strategic keys you need in order to make disciples who are dynamic, who are growing, who are teaching while they are learning, who are connecting and bonding while modeling and affirming behaviors that are consistent with being a disciple of Christ. This book is appropriate for pastors or leaders who want to develop dynamic disciples, OR for the individual believer who simply wants to know HOW to become a dynamic disciple, shaped and formed into the image of Christ, and becoming all that God has destined for you as His own special son or daughter! ​To assist you in the process, there is an accompanying study guide that features study questions for group discussions as well as a weekly call to action to help you put into practice that particular aspect of discipleship that you were studying.


To order your copy Click Here

Dr. Donald E. Dunnigan, Sr. is founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Fellowship Baptist Church in Delaware. A prophetic preacher, loving pastor, accomplished leader, singer and musician, Dr. Dunnigan and his church celebrated 25 years of committed service to God in 2017. He earned a Doctor of Divinity degree from United Theological Seminary. He is married to the former Regina Johnson, and they have two sons. Website is    

Dr. Cecilia B. Dennery is an ordained elder, Christian educator, and gifted communicator of God's Word. She is founder of Doctrine101 International School of Ministry and author of over 10 books including, Crippled But Comfortable and Demystifying the Book of Revelation. An actress, she brings the Bible to life, receiving rave reviews for her one-woman dramatic plays including Rahab: The Foxy Lady, and The Woman With the Alabaster Box.​ Website is​

Key to Discipleship.jpg

P. Hall


Between the pages of this book, I discuss the pain of identifying the root of the guilt and shame I felt after being molested, having a child as a single mother, being betrayed by my mother, dealing with broken relationships and overcoming divorce. I had to decide how I wanted to move forward and erase those stains that were causing me to remain stuck for so long after experiencing the trauma. I learned to retrain my thought process so that I no longer owned things over which I had no control, like other people's actions.


Available at:


Dr. Hakeem


Dr. Hakeem Collins is a premier voice on the frontlines of what God is doing in the earth, as an emerging vanguard apostolic leader and prophet of God called to the nations. He is a new generation of revolutionist and governmental ministers being raised up with a unique anointing in the prophetic, divine healings and the supernatural. He is called by God to father and lead the next generation of world changers and champions to bring radical change to society. 

So many people—including professing Christians—live aimless, purposeless, and defeated lives without knowing who they are or what they have. This should not be the case when God has so much to say about your identity and your inheritance in Christ. 


Grow familiar with hearing God speak. Feel the embrace of His Presence. Listen for the Spirit’s constant voice, speaking through the chaos of life.


This book can be purchased on any bookseller outlet: 


Bonita B.

Bonita Williams.jpg

Approximately 20% of all Americans are mentally ill. Unlike other chronic illnesses, mental illness is treated punitively, in the harshest public facility available . . . prison. Mental illness receives minimal support though federal and state funds. Having failed to create community health centers which were promised as far back as the Nixon Administration, America has defaulted to incarcerating the mentally ill, a practice not implemented since the late 1800s. Challenging our nation to upgrade services for the "least among us," Bonita Williams shares her personal walk of faith, guiding her son through this abyss referred to as the mental healthcare system in America.

Bonnie shares her incredible story about the power of love, family, and legacy and how these helped her overcome the chaos that not only surrounded her in the Jim Crow south, but also boiled inside her own soul.


Nana always told little Bonnie that she had the feet of a princess. Her small, perfect feet meant that she was something special. Nana also drilled into little Bonnie that the most important things she could have were an education and Jesus, because those are the only two things nobody could ever take away.


Set in a middle class neighborhood in Wilmington, Delaware, during the time of Sputnik, fall-out shelters, desegregation and the civil rights movement, The Feet of a Princess is a front-row seat to a different type of Negro family during an era that history has yet to address. This heartwarming memoir will show how the words and teachings of family can transform the soul of anyone willing to open their ears to the messages, even years later. Once you open this book, you won’t be able to put it down.

Both of Bonnie's books are available at:


Business:  It's A New Day, LLC.

Services provided: author, public speaker, life coach for individuals or groups. 

Target Audience: caregivers, women in transition or those who are "stuck", and marriage.

Telephone:  1-888-82-NEWDA



Dr. Dele


In Ten Facts Regarding Why Man Is on This Planet, author Dele Babalola shares a road map that can help Christian believers decipher the meaning and purpose of human existence. Because science can only explain the world incompletely or in fits and starts, it is important to turn to the eternal truths contained in the Bible, God's inspired words to his human creation on the earth, and the true manual for understanding why we are here. With this foundation, Dr. Babalola outlines the fundamental knowledge we need to make our way through life, sharing the ten most important facts about our humanity and salvation.


Born in 1961, in northern Nigeria, of parents from south-western Nigeria, Dr. Dele Babalola spent his primary school years in Ibadan and secondary school was completed in the secular Mayflower School, Ikenne. Both towns/cities are situated in western Nigeria. He discovered reading very early and was artistically inclined as well. He loved to draw and paint before he was attracted to writing. Serious writing dated from late secondary school years. His passion is very strong for writing and sometimes torn between this and caring for his patients. He has a natural love for the practice of medicine, his other profession.


​He presently resides in Perth, Western Australia, with his lovely wife, Jummy, and children - Oyin, Ola, Esther, David and Joshua.


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Lakeisha Poole

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Lakeshia Poole has always loved a good story. Whether telling her own thrilling tales through her publishing company Luemarie or empowering businesses and aspiring authors to craft their best stories at, she believes that words

have the power to change the world.

She’s published seven books. Her latest title, “RENEW: 40 Prayers and Prompts to Power Up Your Life,” introduces people to a practice of prayer and journaling that helps them connect with God personally. Previously she wrote Faith Beats Fear, Happily Ever Christmas, A Holiday Reunion, Don’t Let Me Fall, and Exes and O’s, stories that combine entertainment and encouragement for all, garnering five-stareviews. She also created “Don’t Post That,” a fun, quirky guided journal that helps

people discover healthy self-expression, stress relief and communication skills outside of social media.

As a writing coach, she empowers aspiring and emerging authors to tell better stories and publish polished and professional books with ease. Through courses and

coaching, Lakeshia provides practical and powerful strategies that help authors leverage their unique vision, values, and voice to light up the world.

Busy executives, thought leaders and entrepreneurs have counted on her to deliver content that drives brand awareness and the bottom line. For nearly 20 years, Lakeshia

has provided strategic marketing and communications solutions to various organizations and companies, including Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Wells Fargo,Nestle, Walmart, Georgia Power, Habitat for Humanity, Bayer, and CDC.

When she’s not dreaming up new story ideas or

helping people take better care of their words and stories, Lakeshia spends time with family or relaxing on her porch reading and sipping coffee.

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