Sylvester C. Myers
ISBN: 978-0-8059-8988-5

Sylvester C. Myers is a Senior Cost Engineer with 40+ years' cost management experience in a variety of government agency projects including USACE, HUD, and GSA, in the US and abroad. A native of West Virginia, Myers found that talent and ambition together with discipline and determination were a powerful recipe for success. This is the story of his transformation from country youth to world-traveling businessman, a story that points the way for all who desire to craft their lives to match their potentials. This book can be purchased at: Barnes & Noble

 Willis Hickerson Jr.

I’m Not A Therapist, I’m Just A Guy by Willis M Hickerson Jr. is a self-help guide to love and relationship that gives women an insight into the thought process of men. It offers a regular guy’s perspective on everything from men’s moods to their libidos. While many books scratch the surface, I’m Not A Therapist, I’m Just A Guy takes a frank look at men and what women can do to improve their relationship with their mates. This book is designed to help couples in love stay that way!
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Joyce Dungee Proctor
ISBN:13: 9780982559406
This is a quick read that will inspire, motivate and enlighten you! Practical and engaging with truth on every page, Joyce Dungee Proctor has given us a simple, elegant way to "Stop Talking and Start Doing!" 

Utilizing her decades of experience as a leader in career and job coaching, business management and training, and as an executive coach and inspirational speaker, the author shares with us her process to empowerment. Incorporating ALL she has learned with the personal stories she has accumulated along the way, we are provided with a profound and common sense approach to business and life. Click below to purchase a copy of this book. 

 Pat Troy-Brooks

A comprehensive 10 step guide to navigating the maze of the 21st century job market. Your Job Search GPS is a compass to career happiness and personal fulfillment.
Pat Troy-Brooks has helped thousands of job seekers gain employment through training & job placement. An award winning entrepreneur and workforce expert with 28 years experience. Pat is the founder & CEO of a former staffing firm & business school and a captivating speaker and consultant who successfully battled breast cancer and the recession to emerge as one of the leading experts in her field.
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Rev. Gayle M. Gilmore 

Only by the Grace of God: The Story of Sharon Dixon 

I believe if a person survives a horrendous ordeal and lives to tell about it, that person needs to be heard so someone can learn from it. Domestic violence is a silent killer, maimer and disabler. According to statistics, a woman is battered in the U.S. every 9 seconds. My friend, Sharon Dixon, was shot through the breast at age 22 by a jealous boyfriend and it left her paralyzed for over 30 years. The twist was that she married her abuser. But by the grace of God, you will stand in awe of the victories that Sharon realized. Sharon and I have conducted numerous booksignings, workshops, seminars, speaking engagements and appeared on local TV and radio programs. We help both potential and actual victims and families through the warnings and hope in the book. We also donate a portion of book sales to H.E.R. (Help and Emergency Response) Shelter. 

How Would Jesus Invest? Breaking The Poor Man's Mentality

Gayle discusses how Christians should follow Jesus's example of living an abundant life, both spiritually and financially. Gayle maintains that the Word of God and salvation are the top priorities of Christian living. She also contends that we need a healthy diet of biblical teaching to truly live as God intended. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." Hosea 4:6

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Michelle Taylor is a Detroit-based entrepreneur and licensed Realtor.  She is a single mother of Matthew, and together they live in the Detroit area.

Taylor's Word on Debt:
How You Got Into Debt ... And How You Can Get Out
Taylor’s Word on Debt is a cautionary tale that chronicles her experience with debt and describes in detail the reasons behind her dilemma and the steps she took to get out of the situation.  The book also covers basic financial topics such as annual percentage rate, debt statistics, what the Bible says about debt, effects of debt, how to maintain a debt free life, the Rule of 72, budgeting and a host of other subjects.  

Taylor’s Word on Debt is available on, or Dickson Bible & Book Store and Baker & Taylor.  
 $14.95 (w/ tax & s /h),  
Contact Michelle Taylor at 248-703-3118.

Taylor's Word on Debt
Farrell Ellis

While writing Go Beyond Your Dreams, I hoped women reading this book would believe they too could overcome seemingly impossible odds and difficult challenges.  I knew there were other women who, perhaps much like me, were yearning for their visions and dreams to come to pass. The Bible says, “faith without works is dead.”  However, I’ve learned, through the Word of God, that if we feed our faith, then give it a specific assignment, faith has the power to manifest what we believed was possible!
Go Beyond Your Dreams was written for females who are tired of leading mediocre lives. It was written for dreamers and visionaries who have wondered why faith hasn’t worked for them. Chapter by chapter, you will see how three simple faith-based steps implemented into your daily life will transform a mediocre mindset into a positive way of thinking for successful living. I truly believe every woman who reads Go Beyond Your Dreams can live out her days the way God intended—abundantly blessed in every area of her life! For Author Bio and Book Excerpt go to

ISBN – 13 978-0-9790450-5-9
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 Minister Phyllis W. Boudreaux

Get ready for a paramount relationship. Do you often wonder when and if you will ever enjoy life with a good mate? Well, take a journey to the answer to your question. This is a must read.

 Phyllis W. Boudreaux is a poet, access producer and the founder of "Touching Lives Ministries." 

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Phillis Forrest

Stephan watched in front of the school as the young mother kissed her four children goodbye. My mother was oblivious to his plotting and scheming to become a part of her existence. Every day he found ways to make contact with her.  A seemingly accidental meeting got them on speaking terms and consistently crossing paths made it feel natural to stop and have a chat for a moment.

 Feeling confident that he had established a rapport with the young mother, he blatantly followed her home one day. Sophia, my mother noticed him, stopped and playfully teased him about following her. He continued to walk her home as they joked about him being a stalker.

My name is Toni, and I was seven years old, the day my mother invited Stephan into our home. It was the beginning of my nightmare. Through my eyes I want to bring to your attention a man that watched, stalked and preyed on my family and many other families. It was his intentions all along to violate the sanctity of our family for his own self gratification.

After you have read my story, you will grab your children and cover them with a blanket of protection because just when you thought he was a part of a childish fairytale, you find out the boogey man does exist………
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Tamara Jackson


Are you struggling with addiction to tobacco, alcohol or drugs? Do you know someone who is? 

Addiction has consumed so many of us and our loved ones. It has had its ugly grip in our bloodlines for generations. This step-by-step guide will show the reader how to: 

•       Recognize the Voice of Addictions 
•       Prepare To Succeed 
•       Establish A Support System 
•       Close the Doors on Demonic Oppression 
•       Receive Restoration and Forgiveness 
•       Live A New life 
•       Walk In Victory 

I am passionate about this book because I was delivered by the power of God from 
my own addiction of 38 years to tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

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God's ultimate intention was for us "to have life and that more abundantly" the fullest! Like Esther, Gayle M. Gilmore believes she has been called for such a time as this to share the balanced message of blessing!.
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