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Romans 11:33 - "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! 

 Paul proclaims in this final doxology that the wisdom and knowledge of God are much greater than that of all humanity. The human mind could never have conceived of a solution to the problem of how God could punish sin and still justly save the sinner. It was the wisdom of God alone that provided that solution. The depths of that wisdom are far beyond man's power to comprehend. Is a thing any less false simply because lots of people agree with it? Is God's Word any less true because it makes people uncomfortable? When we hear people, no matter who they are agreeing with and supporting behaviors, lifestyles or choices that God has condemned, each of us must decide who we will believe. Will we stand on the Lord's side, even though it may be unpopular or seem outdated. I had someone tell me that I was "old school" because I was not willing to participate in a behavior that people my "age" should be comfortable with. Does chronological age over-ride the wisdom of God? For me it is not an issue of age, but of holiness of living right! In this popular culture, where dress codes are relaxed (I have no problem with dressing down for church) and manners are relaxed, we still cannot relax the standards of godly conduct that the believer is called to. My friends even today, holiness is still right! When man begins to behave as though he were smarter than God, you can prepare yourself; calamity is on the way.