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Author: Kay McLaughlin
ISBN 978-0=9801664-0-8

Poppy Can You Count the Waves? 
This book is about a nine-year old girl named Alex. She narrates a story of her beach experiences while on spring break visiting with her Grammy and Poppy at their Cape San Blas, Florida home on the Gulf of Mexico. She shows her special love for them with hugs. Grammy and Poppy spent the day bonding with Alex and sharing wonderful words of wisdom mixed with love and hope for her future.
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The Reading Room
Susan Kersey
The day that Kerbee dreaded (feared) the most has finally come when he is taken away from his only friends and carried off to a strange environment (surrounding).  He tried to make new friends, but he cannot forget the ones he left behind.  He has very little hope of ever seeing them again, that is, until he meets Marissa who helps him find his way back to them on their eventful (action-filled) trip to the French Fry Festival.  But Marissa can only take him so far.  Kerbee will have to find the path that leads to the end of the journey himself!

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Derrick Lee Mitchell
Miyah and Koala's First Day.
Derrick Lee Mitchell is a native of Salisbury, Maryland. Derrick is a talented and gifted artist, who started drawing at an early age. His mother always told him to continue drawing and never give up. His artwork can be found in, "Simply Chubby A Celebration of Life", "Hush", "Miyah and Koala's First Day", and "Don't Cry".

Join Miyah and Koala on their first day. Miyah is excited about entering the third grade. Miyah is in for a surprise when her father brings home a new Pit-bull puppy, named Koala

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Shelly's Adventures offers unique and fun-filled educational resources that incorporate American Sign Language (ASL) while telling a story. In "Shelly Goes to the Zoo", the second title of the 20-book series, Shelly and her friends spend a day with animals. While exploring the different exhibits, she teaches them animal signs and shares a few interesting facts, too. By the end of the book let's see how many signs you have learned
Shelly's Adventures offers unique and fun-filled educational resources that incorporate American Sign Language (ASL) while telling a story. In "Shelly's Outdoor Adventure", the first title of the 20-book series, Shelly introduces her friends to commonly used signs while exploring the great outdoors. You sure don't want to miss out on the fun
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Kentrell Martin
Kentrell Martin
Father, Son, Husband, Brother, Uncle, Author, Mentor, Leader.....Future Interpreter



Silver Wing Saga: both books are age appropriate for kids and teens starting at around age ten. While they are superhero/fantasy novels, they also discuss real world concerns for young black men. Volume One has important messages on friendship and healthy relationship building, race and class inequality, and the traditional young adult theme of committing to a goal/dream. Volume Two touches on racial and cultural history, family background, and begins our discussion of police corruption, as the protagonist Antoine continues his journey to become a police detective. 

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Malcom & Maria Ivy